21st January 2013 14:38
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this week on White People are Wild

is anybody even remotely surprised at this point

This is so fucking disgusting. But positive representation doesn’t matter, right? Fuck. I’m so angry.

White people…doing it wrong since forever.


its crazy to think about how many movies are out right now

that depict war

like dont ever believe that the movies that are put out

dont have a definitive purpose

in putting forth an image of the people/communities/countries

we’re killing/invading right now.

they are literally SELLING us this image of brown people/non-westerns to further this imperialistic agenda.


Nearly got my shit kicked in for “looking Muslim” less than a week ago, so you know, fuck all these people.

Y’all remember that jackass who said that people don’t learn from Hollywood ever??

Y’all remember his ass???

Talmbout people don’t ever learn from ‘entertainment’ movies????


This shit right here????


This the exact same shit that happened with red dawn

who are their parents. who are their teachers. who are their friends. 

2nd November 2012 23:56
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why is this so funny

5th August 2012 0:25
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damn this actually sounds really sick

Ok, i know tumblrites are known for saying some SUPERLATIVE shit all the time, but this is the best thing on the internet. 

this is definitely legit

milk in my sippy cup, in my sippy cup. 

5th July 2012 13:21
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